When travelling for many many many hours and days on end, driving from morning to way late into the night, Webb and I came up with a game

When travelling for many many many hours and days on end, driving from morning to way late into the night, Webb and I came up with a game. Thanks to sleep deprivation we re-named popular cars and manufacturers. Feel free to add yours to the mix in the comments. It entertained us for hours, but we have run dry.
Note: This list is not complete. We couldn’t remember them all when we got to writing them down. We tried our best.
Dodge Viper – Stabby Danger Noodle
Road Runner – Rusty Beep Beep
VW Beetle – Spotted Armored Flap Flap
Lamborghini – Vengeful Steak Bites
Ferrari – Supa Fancy Pony
Ford Mustang – American Redneck Donkey
Dodge Super Bee – Super Suicidal Stab Machine
Ford Bronco – Ragey Buck Monster
AC Cobra – So Much Nope Noodle
AMC Marlin – Punk Rock Sea Unicorn
Corvette Stingray – Shallow Water Landmine
Saab – Fairytail Murder Machine
Thunderbird – Noisey Storm Pigeon
Jaguar – Angry Danger Floof
Alfa Romeo – Armor Plated Sparky Sky Chicken
Mercury Cougar – Second Hand Cigarette Smoke Kitty
Plymouth Barracuda – Needs Braces Water Missile
Porsche/Lambo/Mitsubishi Spyder – Terrifying. Toomanylegs!!!!
Chevy Bison – Boutique Buger Snacks
Volkswagen Fox – Souless Ginger Pack Puppies
Chevy Impala – Graceful Son of a Bitch
Volkswagen Rabbit – Sad Lil Thump Thump
Dodge Ram – Stubborn Headsmashy Jerk Face
Dodge Hellcat – Kitteh of Zippy Damnation
Ford Raptor – Carniverous Cretaceous Nightmare
Pontiac Firebird – Screaming Self Immolating Spectacle
Chevy Cheetah – Lightspeed Buffet Ninja
Buick Skylark – Nice Little Bird ?
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 Hoi An Ancient Town, nestled on the romantic Hoai River, is one of the famous tourist destinations not only for domestic tourists. Hoi An has many monuments, landscapes to please people, go into poetry, music. For the people of Hoi An, the bridge is a soul, a symbol that has existed for more than four centuries. To visit Hoi An without visiting the Bridge is not considered.
The bridge was built by Japanese traders in the early 17th century, so the people here often referred to as the Japanese Bridge. According to legend, the temple was seen as a sword plunged into the back of the monster mamazu, causing it not to tear the tail, causing the earthquake. In 1653, a pagoda was erected, connected to the north rail, protruding between the bridge so that the local people called the bridge. This is the only architecture considered to be of Japanese origin.
Cau Pagoda is a pagoda located on a bridge across a creek in the ancient town of Hoi An.
Located at the junction of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Tran Phu, Cau Pagoda has a special style with bold Vietnamese characteristics, roof tile yin Yang covered bridge wooden length about 18m. At the main door of this ancient temple there is a large plate embossed three Han characters Lai Vien Kieu. That is because in 1719, Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu when visiting Hoi An see the special Bridge Pagoda should name the bridge is Lai Vien, meaning "you far away". The special feature of this temple is that the temple is not worshiping the Buddha, which is worshiping the North of Tran Vo – the god of protection of the country, giving joy and happiness to people, expressing the spiritual aspirations that people want to send along. Heaven and earth to look forward to every good thing.
Covered bridge is quite unique, in the middle is the way through the ring bridge, the two sides have narrow corridors to make a resort with seven wooden compartments. The main side of the pagoda is overlooking the romantic Hoai River vietnamhoiantours.com/. The pagodas and bridges are made of wood, lacquered and engraved with very elaborate motifs, harmonious between Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese architectural styles. The head of the bridge has a wooden statue standing, one is a dog statue, one is a monkey. It is said that these animals are worshiped by the Japanese people, and may have originated from the thought that the bridge was built from the year of the body to the completion of the new year.
Cau Pagoda was recognized as a national historical-cultural monument in 1990. Along with the function of regulating traffic, convenient for people to travel in the old quarter, the bridge is also a place to live. The threshold is related to the legend of the supernatural, the ear. The bridge has undergone at least six repairs but retains its original antique look. The image of the bridge is on the 20,000 VND polymer sheet of Vietnam.

h/t Tisa Bryant

h/t Tisa Bryant. #thisisnotwakanda
“The lack of economic progress is especially startling given that black educational attainment has improved significantly in the last five decades, Schmitt said. African Americans are almost as likely as whites to have completed high school. In 1968, just 54 percent of blacks graduated from high school compared to 75 percent of whites. Today, more than 90 percent of African Americans have a high school diploma, just three percentage points shy of the white high school completion rate.
The share of young African Americans with a college degree has more than doubled to 23 percent since 1968, though blacks are still half as likely as whites to have completed college.
Yet the hourly wage of a typical black worker grew by just 0.6 percent a year since 1968. African Americans make only 82.5 cents of every dollar earned by the typical white worker, the report said. And the typical black household today earns only 61.6 percent of the annual income of white households, with black college graduates continuing to make less than white college graduates.”

When I worked at Camp Easter seal the word Retard was not allowed

When I worked at Camp Easter seal the word Retard was not allowed!!!! When I first got there I didn’t get it. I said the same things she mentions in the article, "that’s not how I mean it. It’s an old term, no one uses it anymore." By the end of the summer I had wiped it from my vocabulary. 
Now I have a beautiful son with autism and I’ll admit when I hear someone use the term I get a twist in my gut and I immediately feel uncomfortable and upset. Even though I know you don’t mean it "in that way". 
Read this article and Please be aware of what you say. Because Kohen is so special and that word is so ugly and negative. Take advantage of your final chance to save 50% or even more on items with southwest airlines 20 off coupon.  

Heard this before? Well it still applies

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Coffee and prayers this Thursday morning

Coffee and prayers this Thursday morning.
As I was thinking of Christmas memories this morning, I was remembering how for several years when I was growing up, I wanted my dream pistol, a Smith & Wesson Model 19 357 Combat Magnum. Its what I wanted for years , what I had asked for when Christmas wish list time came around. There were several years that I was disappointed when I did not get it. It was the Christmas after I had turned 18 that I got it. The Smith & Wesson Model 19 357 Combat Magnum
It occored to me as I was thinking on this that it was a matter of being "ready". A matter of being mature enough. I think that God does that with us sometimes. He lets us mature and develop before allowing some things into our lives because often we aren’t ready for them.
My Father gave me what I had asked for when I was mature enough, when I was ready. I had rifles and shotguns, but with a handgun there is much more responsibility.
Now some people have this idea about God that he plays little ‘word games’ with us. That if we pray for patience, He will deliberately withold from us . I’ve written about this before. People have this mistaken idea about God that if you, for instance you were feeling sick and you pray ‘God, don’t let me be getting food poisoning’ then He will let you get the stomach flu.
Should we be specific when we pray? Yes we should. We should be as specific as possible, but God isn’t going to use our words against us when He knows our hearts. its like a pastor said , ‘If you have cancer don’t ask God to cure your sinus problems."
God gives us what we need when we are ready for it. An example of this is the Prodigal son. He asked for his inheritence and his father gave it to him. LONG before he was ready for it. We know the rest of the story. He squandered it all and came home completely broke, willing to work at the lowest level for his father just to eat.
Remember when we pray that we should be specific, as much as we can.
There are certain things that God will hold from us, not because we haven’t asked for it correctly, but because we aren’t ready. God uses timing, not time, to fulfill His purpose and His will. God doesn’t wear a watch, God doesn’t own a calendar. Its His timing, making sure that all things are lined up exactly as they should be.
It’s difficult to BE patient while things are lining up. It’s very difficult. When we are waiting on God to work on someone’s heart and bring them back into our lives, when we are waiting on healing, when we are expecting miracles in someone’s life. Waiting is difficult.
When God does deliver, it is ALWAYS with perfect timing. It’s always at the point in our lives when it’s the most effective, and always at the poit where it is working in His will, His perfect will towards us.
Have a great day everyone!
" ‘ Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent? If you then , being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! ‘ " 

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This coming May 24-29 in Chicago, Illinois at the Chicago Marriott Downtown (Magnificent Mile) will be the United Astrology Conference (UAC) and I am scheduled to be there and will be speaking twice, once on Friday May 25th at 9:00 AM on the Dharma Chart and Karma Chart and also on Sunday May 27th at 11:00 AM on Key Techniques I have developed and use in astrology. I have been studying and practicing astrology for some fifty-seven years.
Aside from speaking, my friends David and Fei Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns (who now also own the astrology company I founded – Matrix Software) have been kind enough to offer me a booth next to theirs in which I will be available to meet and have conversations with well-known astrologers and also talk with anyone interested in meeting me. The last UAC was in 2012 in New Orleans and I was there for that as well as the one before that in Denver of 2008.
I am not a great conference goer, so this may be the last official astrology conference I attend and speak at. I’m not sure how many astrologers will be attending, but usually it is around 1500-2000 or something like that. If you like astrology or are interested in it, this is the place to be.
So, if you can get to Chicago this coming May, here is an easy way to meet and spend time with me and over an extended time. Margaret may accompany me for the trip if she does not have other events happening for her. We shall see. I very much hope to see some of my Facebook Friends at UAC. Come and visit with me.
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I’ve seen some discussion on here about Keith Ellison running for President, so I think it’s time to tell a story

I’ve seen some discussion on here about Keith Ellison running for President, so I think it’s time to tell a story.
I sat down with and interviewed Keith Ellison seven years ago, and the exchange you’ll read below is pretty noncontroversial by today’s standards. A lot of people are skeptical of drone policy today, but this was before most people were willing to talk about it.
After I wrote this interview up, I got called into a meeting led by a higher ups at the think tank I worked at, which is the most influential think tank of the Democratic establishment, CAP.
It turned out that they didn’t want any foreign policy questions asked to Ellison. Ellison was the event at the think tank to discuss radicalization among American Muslims, which is an important topic. Discussing that without foreign policy is a curious endeavor, but whatever.
That instruction through miscommunication had never been passed down to me. I went back and forth with the senior staffer and eventually was told that actually some of the folks at CAP also had misgivings about the drone program, but they didn’t want Ellison to be the “lead messenger” on the issue (I think that was the phrase, that or something like it).
The subtext was pretty clear: the black Muslim does not speak for us.
I eschew identity politics (that’s what they call it in America, when it happens in other places we call it sectarianism) because everyone should be equal and be treated as equal and groups shouldn’t be pitted against eachother.
But I do recognize that there are inequalities in how groups are sometimes treated.
Had Hillary Clinton won, this is the culture of folks who would have run her white house, NSC, state department, pentagon. Maybe they wouldn’t be making these crude remarks in public like our current 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue resident, but this is fundamentally how they think about the role of Muslim Americans in policy.
I would never urge anyone to support a politician just for their skin color or religion. You look around the world and you will find poor leadership from people of every racial and religious background.
But there is something to be said that Keith Ellison in his DNC bid represented an attempt to at least validate the place of Muslim Americans in politics.
If he runs for president and ran a credible campaign, he again would be asserting that Muslim Americans can be part of shaping the policy of the country, and aren’t just window dressing for Democrats or a pinata for Republicans.
He also wouldn’t have to win in order to remind Muslims that ultimately they can’t be represented unless they engage in the process. How many elections have we had where Muslim Americans sit home or choose not to participate, because they think it doesn’t matter. That’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.
It’s important for a diverse democracy to represent everyone, and when 2020 rolls around Keith can think about the role he can play in making this a country of by and for all people here, not just some.

Kirsten Gillibrand voted against every single nominee in the Trump Era

Kirsten Gillibrand voted against every single nominee in the Trump Era. She’s probably going to use this to show she is a hardcore progressive. But it might show the opposite.
See, Gillibrand didn’t oppose really bad Obama nominees Tim Geithner (Wall streets lawyer) or John Brennan (torture enabler, drone program architect). And she opposed Trump nominees who were actually well qualified for the job (Mattis, Lightizer)
That’s not politics. Politics is about power, right and wrong, understanding who decisions impact. Just backing Obamas nominees carte blanche and opposing Trump’s is just posture not politics.
Its one reason of many others to be skeptical of the Senator’s politics. When someone is adopting postures, they aren’t telling you what they belive – – what would their administration look like, how would they make decisions that impact the world?
It gets to a bigger issue :Being anti trump is not real politics anymore than being anti Obama was. Politics is about making decisions based on their moral consequences – – not just fanning a base over opposition or support of one person in this case the president.

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